Beta Stage Funding

Beta Stage Funding

INK Media is able to offer seed stage funding and technical support in exchange for your ideas and time.

A Win Win Approach To R&D

Through our extensive network of digital professionals, we often come across talented individuals that lack the time or risk appetite to fund their ideas to a point where they can adequately test their hypotheses.

INK is interested in offering low-level funding and support in exchange for your time and sharing the intelligence gained by implementing your idea – a cost-effective approach to R&D that is really win win.

We’re currently interested in projects related to Aggregators (specifically Hotel Comparison & Shopping), AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) & Google News, Social Media and Drop Shipping.

Get in touch now to learn how we can help with your next digital marketing project.

Over time, good content always attracts links and social engagement. INK helps speed up that process.